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Your stay in Skirvedalen helps you relax and slow down, away from the bustle and rush in everyday life. There is good opportunity for for the young and old who seeks different leisure activities.

Groomed ski trails

Buckle on the skis outside the cabin door and enjoy the snowy terrain. You will find up to 50 kilometres of well groomed dual cross country ski tracks close to the cabin. Many of the trails are easy to find your way in, others are more demanding. From the cabin area it is approx. 20 min. on skis before you are up on the high mountain terrain. Depending on how skilled you are on skies there is variable terrain for "all" abilities. The cabin fields is planned so that there is room for activities in the snow in the area close to the cabin areas.


Ski tracks between Skirvedalen Fjellstove and cabin area
Gaustatoppen - a short trip away by car

Driving by car for a hour you arrive at the city of Rjukan. Here you can go hiking on marked paths to mount Gaustatoppen where the highest peak is 1883 meters above sea level. Also take the opportunity to take a train into the Gaustatoppen mountain, before a cable car inside the mountain takes you all the way to the top of the mount Gaustatoppen. Enjoy the view of 1 / 6 of Norway before running on ski "on the wild" down to Langefonn and the parking space where you left you car. 
After the trip is an experience to visit Rjukanbadet a state of the art swimming facilities that are centrally located in Rjukan a bare hour's drive from the cabin. By Gaustablikk you'll find a major ski centre.


Mount Gaustatoppen in September
Have a nice trip - with a fishing rod

There is good opportunity for leisure activities for young and old. From the cabin area there is a short distance to reach over the birch belt to the bare mountain or maybe enjoy an hour's hiking to Rivsfjell to the west of the cabin area. Bring your fishing rod and enjoy fishing in the numerous lakes.

The mountain area is located at 11-1200 meters above sea level. E. g mount Skirveggen, is 1381 meters above sea level. When bad weather hits the higher areas and it is not ideal for hiking, one can try their luck fishing (you need fishing permit) in several lakes in hiking distance from the cabin area.
There are also chances to find cloudberry's on hiking trips during the autumn. A small step in the mountains to the east, you come in on the tourist trail, "Normann trail", between Dagrøhytta and Lufsjå. (DNT)

In lake Tinnsjøen, 20 min drive away, is the opportunity of swimming, hiring boats and try some fishing, during summer. An oddity here is "Gaute Fish": a large deep-water Arctic char. This deep water char stays on about 200 meters and down. Lake Tinnsjø is over 450 meters deep

Away to catch some fish

Enjoy your trip - on a bicycle

Bring your bike. There are forest roads perfect for cycling with mountain bikes in both Skirvedalen and in the surrounding areas. Do you have regular bike? It's also possible to ride a bike on these roads.