Lauvlie hyttefelt
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Misc pictures

This picture is taken from one of the upper lots. After the photo was taken, the area is omregulert and the new lots are located even higher up. From the upper site is a wonderful view to the south in the protected valley and westward - toward the mountains in Møsvatn funnels. The mountains can see to the south in the right part of the image belongs to Rivsfjell between Skirvedalen and Austbygde. Furthest south sees a mountain on the west side of Lake Tinn.

Panoramautsikt fra toppen av hyttefeltet
Panaromic view southbound into Skirvedalen  


Pictures from the surrounding area
Easter, by the cabin area Early morning in March
A short test when skiing Good Friday, Easter Normannslepa Svartetjønn,Killingskard
Killingskaret, view west towards Nystauldalen Tinn Austbygd and lake Tinnsjøen with mount Gaustatoppen
Cabin area view to the south Killingskaret, view south west
Fristar det med ein tur i nysno? Nice place to go fishing
Mount Gaustatoppen view from Skirveggen,1.381 above sea level Full moun in easter
Motjønn, early in September