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How to find it?
To get up to the cabin area, you have to drive to Tinn Austbygd and continue towards Veggli. Unfortunately it is not navigable between Skirvedalen and Veggli during the winter months, but there are plans of a tunnel in the mountain very close to the cabin area. In the summer it will be used as a ski tunnel, and during the winter months the tunnel is open for driving by car. Road Austbygde-Uvdal (Bjørkeflåtat, Route 40) is normally open to traffic from Easter. There are several ways to get to Austbygde. See Yellow Pages for driving instructions.
In summer, however, theroad to the lot area is accesible from the Veggli-side. If you drive by Kongsberg, take the opportunity to drive up Numedalen - heading against Geilo - turn off at Veggli and drive on the road towards Rjukan. As you continue app. 15 km unti the cabin areal. You can save some driving time on this route in both time and driving comfort. See also Driving Map below.
Map – how can we drive to this area

Please use map for drving instructions

Google earth -fugleperspektiv over området
Use Google earth to get a birds eye view of the lot area, and the surrunding area. Use this link. Click on "Open file" then"OK"
Klikk for å vise i Google Earth

Thanks to Google earth for this image.